Many organizations today have experimented with implementation of IT Service Management, mostly by paying fat fees to consultants who then deliver pleasant looking documents.  These are then promptly filed by the IT people (ha ha), only to be taken out when the auditors come to visit.

Now, what is this IT Service Management that organizations seek?  Why do so many organizations fail to implement IT Service Management, despite dishing out significant sums to consultants?

The reason is that, despite what you have been told, there is no such thing as IT Service Management out there, at least which can be procured by money.  It is like the elusive happiness which everyone seeks.  It's nowhere to be found, it is a state, a feeling, we experience.  Likewise with IT Service Management, it is a state in which we approach and carry out our duties.  It is made of attitude, beliefs, values and cemented by know-how.  

I will elaborate on this in a later post.